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Salem specializes in delivering meticulously crafted, practical, and visually captivating merchandise and retail spaces. Our spaces not only effectively showcase products but also enhance the overall customer experience. Through our custom design and fabrication process, we create environments that foster customer engagement, inspire exploration, and ultimately boost sales.
Check out the images below to see recent design work and installations from the Salem team:
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merchandise & retail builds 
Our holistic approach to design and construction creates an immersive environment that elevates merchandise presentation and customer engagement. By tailoring each project to the unique brand and goals of the client, we ensure that every detail—from layout to lighting—enhances the shopping experience and maximizes sales potential. 

design solutions

By focusing on innovative and functional designs, we ensure that each retail space is not only visually appealing and tailored to our client's brand, but also optimized for sales performance and customer engagement.

project management

Our team meticulously manages each project, from concept to completion, including all aspects of construction, permits, and compliance. We are dedicated to timely delivery and a hassle-free experience for our clients.

technology & sustainability

From energy-efficient lighting and climate control systems to interactive digital displays and seamless omnichannel shopping experiences, our designs are future-proof and environmentally responsible.

customer experience

An inviting and immersive shopping experience encourages longer visits and repeat customers, which can be accomplished through strategic layouts, lighting, and materials to enhance product visibility, accessibility, and interaction.
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