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Iconic Signage

Elevate your brand by transforming it into a striking three-dimensional icon, adaptable for installation on both land and water, thereby ensuring maximum visibility and broadening your reach. Incorporate practical signage solutions such as oversized maps to enhance the customer experience. Iconics and large-scale signage play a crucial role in your event's success, offering versatile uses essential for engagement. 
Explore recent examples the Salem team has designed and installed in the slideshow below:
the importance of
iconics & signage
Thoughtfully crafted signage enhances the overall experience, facilitates wayfinding, and distinguishes your brand amidst a bustling environment. Branded iconic signage play a pivotal role in establishing a unified, influential, and distinctive brand presence, leaving a favorable and enduring impact on your audience and clientele.

Prominent Visibility

Whether spanning expansive venues like golf courses or anchoring permanent retail spaces, prominently displayed signage is crucial for ensuring spectators or customers have clear visibility of your brand.

User-Generated Content

Iconics and signage serve as captivating backdrops for photos and videos, both in traditional media and on social platforms. Their large and visually striking presence significantly enhances the likelihood of the brand being shared across various channels.

Sponsorship Recognition

Utilizing signage is a widespread and efficient method for our clients to acknowledge and promote the brands supporting them, fostering a positive relationship between sponsors and organizers.

Branding Exposure

Signage serves as a prominent canvas for showcasing your brand's logo, colors, and essential messages. This visual exposure and association strengthen your brand identity within the audience.

 Welding Olympic Rings in our fab shop 

 The final product on the course at the 2021 Summer Olympics 

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