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Retail Pop-Ups

Our expertise lies in crafting highly customized, functional, and visually captivating merchandise and retail spaces. Our designs not only effectively showcase products but also enhance the overall customer experience. Through meticulous attention to detail in both design and fabrication, we create environments that stimulate customer engagement, inspire exploration, and ultimately boost sales.
Hover over the images below to navigate through the PGA Tour Fan Shop experience. Explore the elements below designed by Salem:
Display tables

Iconic signage

Modular structures

Vinyl decals

Built-in shelving

Custom display solutions

Vinyl flooring

Columns & valances

Raised acrylic logos

Integrated lighting

Freestanding racks

Checkout counter

Case study: The fan shop
Watch the video to see aerial footage of the space. You'll see how our thoughtful design promotes each of the four important categories below to create an engaging environment for your customers.

Strategic layout

Enhancing traffic flow isn't merely about directing customers; it's about curating a seamless and positive journey throughout the space to elevate the overall shopping experience.

functional use

Efficient operations, supported by storage spaces, custom checkout counters, and other amenities, are vital for upholding the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a retail space.

customer engagement

Through strategic traffic management, focal points within the space can be highlighted, including featured products, promotional displays, or interactive elements.

distinctive branding

Incorporating the visual elements of each brand, including logos, colors, and fonts, ensures a cohesive brand experience as customers transition through various areas of the space.
Looking for more inspiration? Click the buttons below to explore our Gallery Showcase pages further.
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